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If you are looking for ways to improve your life I can help you.

What can you expect?


I offer you:
A safe space to feel supported & encouraged while using a 3-PHASE APPROACH TO COACHING. 
As humans navigating life we have all experienced traumatic events and often the impact leaves a lasting impact on how we move through life. Using a 3-Phase trauma informed framework, I assist my clients to slow down, get curious, identify impact and determine next steps.
During the first phase we work to create a safe and supportive environment.
The second phase provides a space to pause, recognize and acknowledge the trauma. This includes an opportunity to discuss and determine additional mental health support.
I have worked with trauma survivors as a peer, mentor, guide and educator with the goal of helping my clients understand their recovery process, reconnect with themselves and the world while using their strengths to build a life they love living.
Courses & Certifications:
  • Clinical Trauma Professional - Arizona Trauma Institute
  •  NLP Practitioner
  • Domestic Violence Risk Assessment & Management
  • Early Intervention Field Traumatology - Traumatology Institute of Toronto
  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • “I Just Can't Think Straight: Domestic Violence, Traumatic Brain Injury and Strangulation” with Rachel Ramirez of Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Aging without Violence
If you’re looking for ways to improve your life following trauma, I can help you. Rhodes To Wellness Coaching offers a personalized coaching service to help you find wholeness in your life and move into your empowerment. 
I offer one-to-one sessions via video to help you work through your problems and look to the future - facing it with renewed confidence.
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